split rail fence

Adding a Split Rail fence to deter deer in the garden

This is the year that I start bugging my husband about adding a split rail fence to our property line. The deer have gotten out of control and starting to eat my fancy hydrangeas. Of course a deer can jump a fence this height with very little effort except that I’ve got a few tips that will make it a more successful barrier.

Zigzagging the fence confuses the deer a bit. If they think they aren’t going to land on solid ground then they will avoid the jump. I’ll also add some rose bushes, large rocks, and other obstacles on my side of the fence to discourage them. They will look before they leap. If something is in their way–then they move on.

So I will build a split rail fence and zigzag it adding greenery and obstacles in an effort to move the deer along to other grazing destinations. That is the plan—hopefully.

If that doesn’t work—I’ll add some motion detector sprinklers to the fence. I’ve heard that works marvelously.

I took the photo at the Pioneer Museum in Staunton, Virginia. 


Spiderweb Twig Gate

Twig furniture is popular in our Smoky Mountains. This is called a spiderweb twig gate and it does look like a web of sorts.

Twigs are also incorporated in the pillars by the front door.

That is one of the biggest climbing hydrangeas I’ve ever seen. Looks as though they have one planted on each side of the arbor. It frames the door nicely don’t you think?

Below is a Smoky Mountain home with twig furniture as an accent piece on the front patio.

Twig furniture was born out of necessity and ingenuity. It’s popular anywhere a tree grows I suppose. Some let it weather naturally as seen above and others put a varnish on to maintain the original color of the wood. I like both.

Looking down the hill from the house above.

and then below another photo of a home in the area.

Notice all the greys of the stone and siding which match the blues of the landscaping. The same blue in the spiderweb twig gate.

and out front are some lilies blooming amongst the split rail fence. Notice the lichen growing on the fence.