snow scene in North Carolina

God Shines Upon the Glistening Trees

God Shines

There is a light that God shines upon the glistening trees.

You can’t imagine God’s light until you bend your knees.

There is a light that God shines that sparkles in the snow.

You can’t imagine God’s light until you come to know.

There is a light that God shines from on His throne on high.

You can’t imagine God’s light until He draws you nigh.

Flowergardengirl January 2012

The Crystal Oak


This mighty oak stood proudly yesterday cloaked in glistening attire. The finest diamonds were no match.

100_6197The strongest of the trees stands the oak with not a hint of the extra load it carried.

100_6205He’s getting on a bit in his years. He’s the grandfather of the neighboring oaks and his legacy is passed to many.

100_6208He would like to rid himself of those pesky few leaves from last year. Even with that little blemish, he feels his greatness speaks for itself.


And under this big oak is an admirer, the Dogwood!


The March NC Snowstorm of 2009 Stunning


As promised,I took these photos of the snow covered landscape as the sun was coming up. I knew that was the only opportunity to see its full beauty. I remembered how the sun causes a fog to rise off the snow as it warms the atmosphere. It’s doing that now and you can not see the landscape as it was just 30 minutes ago. It is breathtakingly beautiful today. The roads are very slick. Our town did a good job of removing snow but it’s been a constant freeze and thaw situation. One minute it’s melting and the next freezing. Tonight it will be in the teens. There doesn’t seem to be much damage in my area even though I heard lots of branches breaking last night. We never lost power but there were 7,000 without. I don’t know if they have it back on. Enjoy the pics! I’m just west of Winston Salem, NC. I think we got 4-6 inches of snow.








This is right out in front of my house.

I’m witnessing something very odd right now. There is a difference in the temp when the sun is out and when it goes behind the clouds. The affect that is having on the trees is strange. They are starting to lean a great deal. I’m guessing it’s because as the water from the surrounding trees  melts as the sun comes out it lands on the next tree where it refreezes. I’m going to take a picture of that in just a minute. You have to see that. Ok–on with the show.


That’s not slush on the road….it’s frozen.


I guess I’ll give MrD the day off working on Copper Top Cottage.