Lime green dried hydrangea wreath of gigantic proportions

Warning, viewing this post could cause an elevated heart rate and a serious case of being green with envy. My lime green dried hydrangea wreath of gigantic proportions comes to us by way one hydrangea paniculata cultivar and one grapevine wreath.

Cut the blooms approximately 2 weeks before you want to use them. Let them sit in a vase of water for the two weeks. Remove them from the vase and stick in the wreath. It will look like this indefinitely. I’ve even spray painted them blue, pink, gold. I got the wreath at a second hand store and it was covered in gosh awful flowers. I just pulled off the old flowers and repurposed the wreath. The whole project may have taken 30 minutes.

The colors in my home are always warm and monochromatic. The dog is always sleeping.

Thanks for visiting my home in North Carolina today—the temps are getting cooler and the sun is slanted different in the sky. I think it’s time to get out the decorated pumpkins and make it all autumn-esque.

View from my front porch last autumn