painted brick in the color green with red door

Painted Brick Exterior in Green With a Red Door

I wasn’t expecting to see a painted brick exterior in green with a red door. Painted brick and whitewashed brick are coming on strong in the renovation industry.  It certainly stands out and is very attractive. Interesting that the color on this home is subtle but the door and shutters are bold. To make a decision like this, I’d bet they had a digital mock up done first. You can do that too for pennies on the dollar. Visit your local paint shop and ask them to help you see the end results or do your own.

I do my own mock ups and it’s loads of fun. It really helps those who are visually challenged like my husband. I could explain what something will look like until I’m blue in the face but he’ll never get it till he sees it. Many of the landscape projects I offer come with digital mockups. I let the customer see what a new front door color will do for their home.

Take a photo of your house and try to get a shot like that above. You want a full on view.  Join one of the popular paint sites that offers a personal color viewer like this one from Benjamin Moore. Follow the directions and recolor your photos. It takes a bit of practice but you’ll get it.

As you can see from the front steps, this home was probably a traditional red brick color. I like the steps left untouched. Notice the home has lots of zip in exterior color with the red door and black shutters–but there are no interior shutters. That would be way too busy.

Nice simple landscaping too. Nothing to compete. The front porch containers are matching as is the front entry landscaping. Everything about this home mirrors one side to the other. Very pleasing to the eye.

The trim is white and you could of chosen black for more drama. These folks decided to stay a bit traditional. This beautiful neighborhood has many updated homes which are painted in the Old South style. If you want to see more of the homes in this series on painted and whitewashed brick, follow the category Whitewashed Brick on the sidebar. This is 3rd in that series.