The Gourden of Weedin with Helen Eyers

Helen Eyers is a member of our Flea Market Gardening group and when she posted a photo of her little fairy garden, I knew there was probably an artist at her house. Turns out it was Helen who is the artist and here is what she posted for us to see.

After seeing the little twig fairy chair and little fairy house, I had to find out more. Here is what was written about her in the local paper.

Helen Eyers has been growing and painting gourds for quite a few years and is self taught. She first examines the gourds and then determines the expressions for each piece.

Helen calls these creations the Little Round Ladies. They aren’t for sale. I did ask cause someone reading this is going to go nuts over them. The reason Helen does not offer them for sale is because she doesn’t like repeat work. Helen looks forward to starting new projects and seeing what the gourd says to her.

I was going to buy this immediately if they were for sale! What a gorgeous nativity and true that every face has its own personality.

Sacajawea above is one of my favorites in the album.

A Japanese Kokeshi doll in Helen Eyers gourd style.

Below—–Bliss, by Helen Eyers

Thank you so much Helen for sharing your gourd art with us.

And what does Helen call her garden?

Helen’s Website:

Little Round Lady Creations