Kitchen sponges and brushes not on your mind at the garden center.

Kitchen sponges and brushes might not be on your mind when you are visiting your local garden center but take a closer look……

I really do like all kinds of containers but the ripple top variety is my favorite. You don’t need a plant in them because as you see here…..looks pretty with red fruit resting inside. Well, I’m really showing this container down in front..see it…

Notice that is has a dish attached to the bottom.

There is another wonderful use for this pot.

It is…


nice place to put your..

wet sponges and kitchen brush.

The excess water from these items will drain out the bottom and it won’t cause mildew. The saucer on the bottom holds the water till it evaporates.

It sure looks lots better than having the sponges and brushes laying around hither and yon.