Seasons of change, the shingles shot, the horror of facial shingles

anna-for-avatars2-004Seasons of change, the shingles shot, the horror of facial shingles……….seasons happen in the garden and to the self. What happened to me is a horrendous story. Don’t let it happen to you.

This was me long time ago when I first started writing. It was in the late 1990’s and it was just an article here and there. I have gardened all over the United States due to my husband being in the Air Force. He retired from the AF in 1994.  I have lost count of the times we’ve moved and the planting zones in my life. I think this year will be my 30th move.

Yes we are moving again in the next two weeks. Thankfully and Praise the Lord….we sold our current home in about 2 1/2 weeks on the market. The closing is around the first of March. I will miss it but it is time to move on. I will garden on a small scale for now.

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Going back to school at 56…..yea!

Oliver, The Praying Mantis

I’m going back to school at age 56! I will share later on what school if I get accepted. The last transcript was mailed today to my college of choice.

I’m going to get a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in biology and anatomy. It’s the most needed area of teaching.

I’m also going to take some media study classes so I can bring the outdoors in to the classroom like never before. I like hands on teaching where everyday the student experiences something that excites their senses. I taught biology for several years at a Christian school. I loved it.

So cheer me on……here I go….vroom vroom vroom…..

I’m still mending from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome a rare form of shingles


I’m still mending from a rare form of shingles called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. It’s been 2 years since getting this disorder and it’s been such a challenge. I just wanted to say that I have missed answering so many questions asked on my blog and I am so sorry. I just couldn’t keep up. I’m back to blogging now and will hopefully be gardening in spring 2015. Between now and then I have plans for my porches and of course holiday decorating to share.

I’ve been quilting some and cooking more. I’ve purchased two church cookbooks which have the yummiest of feel good dishes. I know you all love church cookbooks. Send me one of yours if you would care too…I would love that. Just use the contact form above to contact me and I’ll send you my address.

The photo above was taken at a quilt store in Ohio. I took it before I got sick. I still have the material to make the one in the window. It reminds me of my cottage gardens.

I would like to report that the pain in my face is diminishing greatly. I will not be losing my sight thank goodness. My husband has been taking good care of me. He has been wonderful through the whole ordeal.

Hugs to all of you and I miss you very much.

Start here with this smile

flowergardengirlStart here with this smile and rejoice with me the battle I won. I have spent the last two years fighting a rare form of shingles known as Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. At one time, I was in excruciating pain and unbearable fatigue. RH eats the protective sheath around the trigeminal nerve. The nerves of your face, ear, jaw. It paralyzed my face on the right side. Now I can smile but for many months I could not. For many months I was in so much pain that it took lots of brain numbing medicines just to keep me sane. The nerve sheaths are regenerating now and most of the pain meds have been discontinued. It has been months of bed rest and agonizing baby steps but I am more ok than not. I still struggle with getting my strength back and it is minimal gardening this year. I am sewing these days…cooking…and writing garden stories. I have much to say and much to write about. Stay tuned!

growing ivy in my hutch

I’m growing ivy in my china cabinet.

cardinal in icy tree snow scene

and of course, I’m still enjoying photography. So stay tuned….My smile has returned.