Wildflowers around the gazebo

Flea Market Gardening

Wildflowers around the gazebo, is one of my all time favorite photos in my career. The gazebo is at The Millstone Meadow Daylily Farm( other posts on my website about the farm) here in NC. A spectacular place for weddings and photo opportunities. You can visit the farm website by clicking on this photo……


Millstone Meadow Daylily Farm

merle cocker spaniel puppy

Writing what you think and thinking while you write

Me and the Hobbes puppy went walking in the park this afternoon. I’m debating writing what you think and thinking while you write. Hobbes was just happy he didn’t have to do either.

I have Ramsay Hunt Syndrome which is the chicken pox virus active in my facial nerves. It’s basically shingles in those nerves. If you’ve had shingles then you know I’ve been in tremendous pain. But Neurontin and pain killers have kept me afloat. Well mostly I’ve been kept afloat with prayer. I hugely believe in prayer. Continue reading

Yellow roses at Raffaldini Vineyards, North Carolina

A View From Raffaldini Vineyards in North Carolina

Even on this cold blustery day in April, you can still see the beauty in the view from Raffaldini Vineyards in North Carolina. On any other day, the view would be clear for at least 50 miles. Our seasons seemed t have been reversed. Winter was warm and spring is cool which the roses love.  The driveway is lined with millions of yellow rose blooms and here you can see the purple irises making their splash.

Grapes grow just as they would on the hillsides of Italy. You can see that the Yadkin River Valley consists of rolling hills and larger mountains in the background. This valley is in the Piedmont of North Carolina that hosts a semi mild winter and hot dry autumn…most of the time.

Raffaldini Vineyards is part of the Yadkin Valley Wine tour where you can sample some of NC’s newest variety of wines and take a stroll through the gardens. Below my friend Jennifer is smelling one of the blossoms.

Jennifer has been visiting me this week and we’ve taken in the best that NC has to offer. One of them being the vineyards. NC has had a long history of producing grapes until the prohibition came along and then came the decline in this industry. Today it’s back in full swing since big tobacco got sued and a trust was set up as part of the settlement that will help tobacco farmers plant alternative crops like grapes. Those farms that have been in the family for generations are laughing a bit. The government made them stop growing grapes in the 1920’s and now they are paying them to grow once again.

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Come visit North Carolina and tour the Yadkin Valley Wine tour.

Flowergardengirl with an NC cottage style

Anna of Flowergardengirl comes to us from the state of North Carolina in zone 7a. She gardens cottage style and lives in a craftsman cottage home that she designed. Anna grows perennials, annuals, and ornamental shrubs. She has 3 large porches and showcases them often.