merle cocker spaniel puppy

Writing what you think and thinking while you write

Me and the Hobbes puppy went walking in the park this afternoon. I’m debating writing what you think and thinking while you write. Hobbes was just happy he didn’t have to do either.

I have Ramsay Hunt Syndrome which is the chicken pox virus active in my facial nerves. It’s basically shingles in those nerves. If you’ve had shingles then you know I’ve been in tremendous pain. But Neurontin and pain killers have kept me afloat. Well mostly I’ve been kept afloat with prayer. I hugely believe in prayer. Continue reading

Fairegarden’s Five Best Gardening Books

Books make the very best of holiday gifts, and for gardeners, many books become lifelong companions. The dog eared pages and dirt smudged covers are signs of the loving use by an avid reader. Genevieve of North Coast Gardening recently asked her readers to name their five most favorite gardening books to recommend to others. We were happy to oblige with the five books listed below. These are by no means the only five, the top five or the fave five, but they are tomes that have been read several times and will never be given away. In no particular order, may we present:

To read what those five books are, click here.