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Writing what you think and thinking while you write

Me and the Hobbes puppy went walking in the park this afternoon. I’m debating writing what you think and thinking while you write. Hobbes was just happy he didn’t have to do either.

I have Ramsay Hunt Syndrome which is the chicken pox virus active in my facial nerves. It’s basically shingles in those nerves. If you’ve had shingles then you know I’ve been in tremendous pain. But Neurontin and pain killers have kept me afloat. Well mostly I’ve been kept afloat with prayer. I hugely believe in prayer. Continue reading

In the Garden with Billy book by Renea Winchester

Book Giveaway, In the Garden with Billy by Renea Winchester

In the Garden with Billy: Lessons about Life, Love, and Tomatoes by Renea Winchester is a true story and one that I enjoy sharing with my online friends. I’m giving away this book for the 3rd time. The message is a sweet one and shows the true heart of a gardener. Renea opened up her heart and reached out to Billy, the older gentleman farmer, who loves farming, Fords, and fried bologna sandwiches.

Billy and Renea became friends and garden buddies. Billy is as independent as they come for his 80+ years but Renea has enriched his life by lending a helping hand with planting and harvesting. She also makes sure Billy is taken care of for things he pays no attention to at times. He is deeply faithful in his obedience to God and mostly trust the good Lord to provide at all times. God sent Renea to make sure Billy is carrying on comfortably. They both understand what a blessing it is to have pursued this friendship in God’s presence.

In the Garden with Billy makes you laugh and cry as Renea describes what happens when a city girl meets a seasoned garden pro. They are both going through their own personal struggles because both are dealing with being caretakers of sick loved ones. You’ll have to read the book to discover how Renea and Billy help each other face the challenges of life, love, and tomatoes.

Renea blogs about her friendship with Billy at Bloggin’ Billy’s website. Renea Winchester has also published a book called Stress-free Marketing: Practical Advice for the Newly Published Author . A step by step guide for anyone thinking of self publishing or being semi self published. Renea’s personal website is HERE.

Renea owns Make Your Mark Publishing where I submitted my manuscript intro for Singing Behind the Trowel and am proud to announce it was accepted to be published in the coming year.

If you are seeking information about writing your own book or general advice about writing…..see her website, Advice for Authors. Renea gives you the low down on the pros and cons of self publishing and what to look for when on the road to being published.

I highly recommend all of Renea’s websites and can tell you that she is adamantly for the independent book author and seller. I am grateful for her friendship and advice.

To be considered for this book giveaway, leave a comment below. The winner will be announced in about a week. Good Luck!

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Introducing Oliver the Praying Mantis, he knows American Sign Language

The book will not be released until next year….sorry for the inconvenience but it will be worth the wait.

The newest book in the works at Flowergardengirl is Oliver, The Praying Mantis. Oliver came to live with Flowergardengirl in a fresh flower arrangement. He went undiscovered for more than a week while hiding amongst the monochromatic greens. Anna purchases fresh bouquets from her local grocery store on occasion and they sit on her kitchen table. She’s never seen a living creature suddenly appear.

Being that she is Flowergardengirl, she was delighted to discover that Oliver was actually praying he would find a way to visit her gardens. Anna did not know she could talk mantis language until Oliver started using American Sign Language. Wait till you see his adventure from the flower farm where he was born to his home in the gardens of Flowergardengirl.

Oliver, The Praying Mantis is co-authored by Michael Looper. Michael Looper is Anna’s son and chose ASL as his second language to achieve his degree in Media Studies with a focus on writing from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Michael is a talented writer, award winning actor, and very animated at ASL.

The book is about a little praying mantis who journeyed from a small flower farm, to the grocery store in a bouquet, and then to the gardens of its dreams. The family who tended his birth garden were deaf farmers. Oliver learned to sign by observing their communications.

God cares for every creature both big and small from beast to man. He cares that a praying mantis would pray for a garden so grand. God is full of purpose and set a mantis in the gardens where Oliver could be heard, be seen, and be appreciated. Flowergardengirl gardens organically and Oliver will work his days as an important part of balance in nature.

This book will be out in time for your Christmas gift list. It will be a favorite book that bring together gardeners, grandmothers who wish to delight little ears, people who find a handicap in their life and wish to be heard and seen, mom’s and dad’s who yearn to communicate kindness and love in their children.

The pages are full of high quality digital images showing Oliver in his bouquet and perhaps–most likely–showing his home in the garden. The pages show American Sign Language in its action and beauty.

Please put Oliver, The Praying Mantis on your Christmas wish list. Watch the Flowergardengirl blog—right here—and we’ll announce the minute it hits the market. 

Fairegarden’s Five Best Gardening Books

Books make the very best of holiday gifts, and for gardeners, many books become lifelong companions. The dog eared pages and dirt smudged covers are signs of the loving use by an avid reader. Genevieve of North Coast Gardening recently asked her readers to name their five most favorite gardening books to recommend to others. We were happy to oblige with the five books listed below. These are by no means the only five, the top five or the fave five, but they are tomes that have been read several times and will never be given away. In no particular order, may we present:

To read what those five books are, click here.