Along the garden path

Along the garden path, we see all the different ways to stroll in peace and thought. Garden paths are healing to the soul. There are quiet distractions. Some paths lead to a front door, others in to the garden, and then some are meandering across the countryside. Here are lots of examples of garden paths so called because greenery and flowers adorn the edges.

Over the years, I’ve been captivated by how many ways a garden path is created. These are photos from my website over the last 10 years.

Tippy Stockton $100 Shopping Gift Certificate Announcement

And the winners are:

$100 Gift Certificate – Lisa Rankin
Ginger Earrings – Sue G.
Spice Earrings – Kathy Ivie

Congratulations to all three of you. I received my order today and the packaging was just as creative as the jewelry. Every design feature of the Tippy Stockton Jewelry company is quality and geared toward customer service.

Winners please contact Patricia from her website @ Tippy Stockton Jewelry

For those who didn’t win, Tippy Stockton Jewelry is offering a 20% off coupon. Use code TIPPY20.  Coupon ends 10/31/12

See our giveaway introduction Here and Here

Thank you to all the participants and those who visited my website. It is a real honor to promote and feature Tippy Stockton Jewelry.

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Going Blogwild!

Going Blogwild is fixing to happen here at this garden blog. You are going to like it if you like me and my writing. I left facebook today( ok I returned cause I missed it…and I was a bit in a mental break down at the time) cold turkey without any fanfare. I figured if you wanted to find me then you would.

I need to be creative every day and facebook won’t allow me to do that( yes it does). I’d rather come to this familiar place called Flowergardengirl–and get back to my adventurous colorful creative side. This week I’m interested in making flower bucket messages. I can arrange them nicely over here and offer them to you more easily. They’re free….you just download them and send to a friend. From get well wishes to goofy messages—I’ll create one to fit the need.

I might write one post a day or ten. I just feel like it’s time for me to go— Blogwild!

Incrediball hydrangea with red coleus

Cottage Style Decorating with bold hydrangeas

Cottage style decorating with bold hydrangeas can be seen here at the home of Flowergardengirl in North Carolina zone 7. I’ve been working with hydrangea cultivars for the past 10 years and have learned what they will do fantastically and where they have weaknesses. They will bloom prolifically if fertilized at the right time. What you fertilize them with turns out to be a key factor. Continue reading